New Jersey Real Estate School FAQs


These are the most asked questions from people we talk to who are considering getting a real estate license in New Jersey or are taking a licensing class and preparing to start as a new agent.

Why Do People Choose a Real Estate Career?

Is a career in NJ real estate for you?

New Jersey Real Estate School FAQs

What if I Don't Pass the NJ Real Estate Exam?

Can I Retake the Real Estate License Exam in NJ? Yes. You can retake the entire exam as many times as needed within 12 months. In this article we walk through the common reasons people fail the NJ Real Estate Exam.

New Jersey Real Estate School FAQs

Should a New Real Estate Agent Join a Team or Go Solo?

Is it better to learn first or earn first? New agents can expedite their skills with a team, but it comes at a cost.

New Jersey Real Estate School FAQs

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